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Freehand Circle Process

Spherical Mapping

Five-step diagram map of Freehand Circle's process

Spherical Mapping is the process we employ to solve the most intractable problems. It facilitates the gathering of intelligence and provides the measurement protocols that are needed to act with authority.

• Day Zero


The key tenet of our philosophy is present from our first interaction: balance. During this phase, we excavate both the subjective and the objective. We conduct on-site, in-depth interviews with executives and employees to experience the company from a multitude of perspectives; and we complete a comprehensive business audit of all financials, assets, tools and more to understand how the company operates.


•• Define


To reach goals that align with expectations, we use evidentiary support to confirm or disprove fundamental assumptions about your target, brand, and market. This enables us to define the brand’s differentiating attributes and the target that will best respond to those differences. We then establish KPIs and develop a reporting schema to measure our efforts.


••• Evaluate


Our multidisciplinary teams analyze all the ethnographic observations, panel discussions, and market trends that our researchers present. Through behavioral analytics, we parse actual behavior and conscious intent in order to uncover subconscious desire—underpinning strategic decisions with quantifiable data that is often elusive. Using these findings, we codify brand fundamentals: architecture, identity, positioning, and brand design.


•••• Ignite


Science and art coalesce: New consumer insights, established brand fundamentals, and financial metrics define our strategic and product solutions and inform our creative recommendations, all of which are tracked and subsequently reported.  


••••• Unlock


We begin anew. Unlock is an intensive work session with our clients, where we evaluate the year’s results from various perspectives, challenge any and all perceptions, and draw from new insights; so that further optimization efforts are informed by understanding that is as deep as it is broad.

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