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Three Questions with Ken Habarta

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Freehand Circle is both a consultancy and a think tank.

As part of our think tank’s content efforts we are gathering perspectives from innovative trailblazers across all spaces. Freehand Circle asks industry leaders three key questions about the past, present and future. The questions are kept standard regardless of one's position or area of expertise.

Ken Habarta is a true strategist with his eyes firmly set beyond tomorrow. In fact it is more accurate to say Ken's whole being is in the future and he's simply explaining the next steps in our collective destiny. He works across all sectors and brings interdisciplinary guidance to every project. Ken's background as a strategist include stints at The Futures Company, sparks & honey and Mindshare. In 2014 Habarta founded Big Cardinal. Check out where Freehand goes to take a peek at the future:

Question 1: What is the most important trend happening in marketing right now?

Ken Habarta:

Things are getting smaller, imperceptible to the human eye. The level marketing operates right now is approaching cellular. By this I mean the invisible world as perceived by neurodiagnostics, parsed by artificial intelligence and influenced by real emotions.

Question 2: What will be the most vital development that happens in marketing over the next decade?

Ken Habarta:

If people become generally more aware of the question what does it mean to be a human, and the context around being human, the vital development over the next decade will be a marketing that also becomes more about being human. Perhaps birthing a new type of economy built around a different set of values.

Question 3: Finally, what should be the most vital development that happens over the next decade?

Ken Habarta:

People will take more ownership over their personal data and profit from synthetic or crypto versions of their data (and what is produced from it). In this development, data will finance the creation of miraculous things.

To find out more please explore Ken the human at and Big Cardinal the company at

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